Vendors & Venues

How Does It Work?

We bring a select group of motivated brides and grooms to different venues filled with professional and exciting vendors & experts.

When's the Next Tour?

We do several tours a year across the region. You've got time to join us! Our next tours are in Raleigh and Durham in February, April, August, and November.

How Do We Join?

Ready to get your wedding planninng finished in style? Signing up to join us is simple. Just Click Here!

Are You A Vendor?

 If you're interested in joining the tour as a vendor we'd love to talk to you! We vet every vendor carefully to ensure the highest quality of service & experience for our couples.

Want to Sponsor A Couple?

Sponsor a couple for a unique chance to promote your brand and create a one-of-a-kind experience.

When Can We Chat?

Right Now! Call or text us anytime at 


or email at

Vendors on The Wedding Wagon Tour

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