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My fiancé and I had such a wonderful and informative experience with all the vendors that took part in our Raleigh Wedding Wagon tour! We were at the beginning of planning our wedding and didn’t know where to start. Trying to plan time to see individual venues and meet with vendors was at times, very overwhelming for us. We loved the Wedding Wagon because in addition to being shown 5 unique venues that we might not have considered on our own, we had time to talk one on one with multiple vendors at each location. I came away from the tour feeling like I knew a few of the vendors enough to choose them! Our luxury bus was a great way to travel around and hey, who can say no to amazing food and free alcohol? 😊 Such an amazing experience and I’m so so glad we went. Planning our wedding already feels less stressful!


The Raleigh Wedding Wagon was a great experience to help us figure out how to start planning our wedding. The Stylus team were honest and helpful and made the whole experience enjoyable. We knew going in that our guest list was too large for some of the venues, but it was worth it just to talk to all the vendors at all of the venues throughout the day. We have a better idea now about what we would like to do for our own wedding, and some great vendors who can help us do it!


First of all, thanks so much, to Eric and Jason. Y’all rock! You’re an awesome team and you feed off of each other. You made the day comfortable and no pressure whatsoever. They were putting their professional input on everything, which is always good to hear.I was able to see a bunch of different venues AND vendors all in one day-time is money! Especially a bride like myself who is on a budget. This wa a super fun experience, and I got to see so much.They put so much heart into this and I appreciate it so much. They gave couples options we didn’t know we had before. Thanks again!!


Had a great time with my bridesmaid! It was a wonderful day of all things wedding. Plus alcohol and food!


Thank you, thank you, thank you! Your tour was the BEST wedding planning experience I could have hoped for. Jon​​ and I not only feel much more prepared but actually feel excited about everything that comes with planning our wedding. You guys are awesome!

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Vendor Review

A brief review from Katherine Edwards, Officant Extraordinaire, about her experience as a vendor on the Wedding Wagon Tour.